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László Lehotka

László LehotkaEducation: Automatization and regulation-technical engenieer (1969)

Member of the Hungarian Photographers' Association (1981),
the Hungarian Fineartists' National Society (1982),
the Hungarian Advertising Association (1985),
AFIAP (2004).

I had 48 independent exhibitions by 2012, and I have won different prizes in Hungary and abroad. Since 1990 I have been working as a free-lance photographer, mainly the area of macro and micro photography. With help of a special technical method my micro photos are made from 2-3 mm objects, which sometimes get landscape dimension, and I compose the colours of paintings to the atmosphere of spectacle. With my work I would like to mediate for people the cosmic perspective, the meditativ silence, the beautiness and the experience of colours.

Since 1995 I have been working with computer graphics, planning, editing and executing different marketing publications, in which I am attracted by the work full with challanges.